Friday, January 27, 2012

Sound Explorers: Learning the Science of Sound

Sometimes even birthday presents can lead to home school adventures...

Let's Rock and Roll!

For my birthday this year, my husband bought me an acoustic guitar. I do not yet know how to play the guitar, but I find learning it to be a very fun and rewarding experience. Part of this fun stems from the beautiful sounds that emanate from the strings. Kat and I took turns tightening and loosening the strings as we tuned the guitar, listening to the differences in sound it created. We strummed softly, and pulled hard at the strings, listening to the new sounds we could make. It didn't take long for these play times to turn into a question and answering session of how sound works. Since I hadn't thought much about it since elementary school, I figured it was time for a refresher for me, and some fun new demonstrations for her.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Taking The Light Rail To Discovery

When Kat was four years old, I took her on a scavenger hunt for shapes. We took the bus to the light rail station, and then took the light rail to downtown Phoenix to embark on our quest. We found shapes in the most surprising places! It was an exciting way to explore a familiar concept of shapes with my preschooler, and have a different sort of adventure with her.

"Look Mommy! I found circles and they're on my arm!" (Kat at 4 years old)

Since then, Kat had asked me several times to take her on the light rail again so that we could go to downtown Phoenix for another adventure. I decided to take advantage of yet another spring-like day in Phoenix and go exploring! We would repeat our old scavenger hunt for shapes, but we would add a lot more fun to the mix. Not only would we look for shapes, we would also practice using directions as we were travelling through the city. We would look for parks and sculptures and talk about why they might be used in planning a city. We would look for new places and see what we could discover while taking a different route in a familiar place.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Rewards of our First Compost Harvest!

Alright kiddo, it's time to get dirty!

Last April, Kat and I built our very own compost bin! We had been learning about reusing and recycling, and had been thinking of ways to help clean and protect our environment. Those conversations along with starting a vegetable garden led us to the idea of composting. We could reduce our garbage while learning about the decomposition of plants and organic material. Not only could we help our environment, we could help our garden too!