Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vampires, Skeletons, and Toys!

The Halloween season approaches....

Things are about to get pretty spooky around here!

Halloween is coming up, which means it's about to get very exciting in my house! Every year, we celebrate Halloween by baking Halloween cookies, having Halloween decorating parties, and decking out the inside of our house with all kinds of creepy Halloween fun!

This year, we wanted to get a head start on our Halloween decorating. Summer in Arizona has been very hot, and we've been anxious to get some cooler temperatures and head in to fall. Since we're still in the 100 degree range, we'll just have to pretend it's cold, make some baked apples, and start thinking about the coming holidays! As Kat and I browsed Pinterest, looking for interesting decorations, we began to get excited about all of the fantastic decorating possibilities. We settled on two projects, and began the planning process.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

When Science and Art Collide!

These last two months have seen quite a bit of experimentation and marveling at the varieties of life that can be found under the microscope. It began with the finding of a standing water pond environment, and has culminated in a month long pond Ph experiment that is still running! While we were looking at the science of life, we couldn't help but allow ourselves to be drawn into the artistic side of it too.

I had seen the collision of science and art before, most recently when I read this article about cultures of phosphorescence E. coli that had been grown to resemble distant galaxies. It seemed so fitting to present art where the structures of the very small are so fantastically similar to the structures of the impossibly large. I had heard about making art in bacteria cultures before, and really wanted to try it out myself!