Monday, February 18, 2013

The 3 Little Rascals!

By Kat Oyler
7 years old

Oh my kittens are such rascals!

Welcome Milo to the new world!

Milo 8 weeks old

Here is scared old Cricket!

"Crick" 8 weeks old

Here is Meeko!

Meeko  8 weeks old

They love each other....

zzzzzz Wake up now!


I've decided that, at least once a month, I'm going to lend this space to let Kat write about things that she likes or wants to share with the world. It gets her interested in writing, typing, and helps with her spelling, and layout planning. It also gets her involved in the blog, which, up until now, has really just been something for me. I love that she's interested in sharing this space with me! I look foward to seeing what she will be writing about in the months to come...