Monday, December 9, 2013

Hey, Phoenix! Ring in the New Year with Electronics, Art, and Fun!

Let's ring in the New Year by working with electronics!
LED Throwies: CC Flickr user mehan jayasuriya
Are you in Phoenix and looking for a family friendly way to ring in the New Year? Have you ever wanted to crash a public library after hours and make a lot of noise? Does the idea of building with electronics and throwing your designs on the side of the library sound like your idea of a good time?

If you answered "YES!" to those questions, then I have something AWESOME to share with you! The Phoenix Public Library will be hosting a fabulous New Year's Eve event at its Burton Barr location on Central and McDowell. Aside from a festive night of music, dancing, crafts, and fun, Burton Barr's Hacker Haven program will be merging science with celebration!

The library staff will be encouraging kids to get crafty as they build a "good luck creature", then they'll get to put their electroengineering skills to use as they build circuits to make it light up! When they're finished, they can use their LED Throwies to build an art installation on the walls of the public library!

Who knows what sort of amazing design our kids can come up with?
CC: Warehouse installation Flickr User Dave Byrne

So let's just get this straight. We'll get science, art, and festive holiday fun, while also crashing the public library after hours? Count us in!

If you're like me, and this sounds like a delightful way to ring in the New Year, you should totally come! Here's the info:

Who: Everyone! It's all ages!
What: New Year's Eve at the library!
Where: Burton Barr at Central and McDowell
When: 5pm to 9pm
Why: Because it's awesome!

(If you're closer to these locations, the Mequite and Palo Verde library branches will also have family friendly New Year's Eve activities, check here for details!)

Hope to see you all there!

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