Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Very Buzzy Day

Sometimes the spark of a single question can send you on the greatest adventures...

Apis Mellifera (Western Honey Bees) drinking nectar from our Rosemary.
Can you spot the proboscis?

Spring is in the air here in the Sonoran desert. Flowers are just beginning to bloom, nurseries are filling their yards with gardeners delights and we have just about reached the perfect temperature of 70 degrees. For us, the coming signs of spring arrive with the bees who, by the hundreds, come out to gather nectar from our newly blooming rosemary. As we noticed that in our immediate vicinity  only our rosemary was attracting such a large amount of bees, Kat came up with her spark of a question...

If bees only gather their pollen from one primary source, would the next generation of bees want to go for just those flowers?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Tale of The Science Fair and The Technicolor Sandwich

A very proud scientist at her first science fair!

With the annual home school science fair just around the corner, I've been finding myself reminiscing over last year, when Kat participated in her very first science fair! We regularly take science classes at the Arizona Science Center and each year they hold a non-competitive home school science fair. We had recently been watching the TED talk given by the 2011 Google Science fair winners and Kat, inspired by the story of grand prize winner Shree Bose, immediately knew what her question would be: Does the color of foods affect whether or not we like them? Kat's hypothesis was that no, the color of foods would not affect whether people would like them. After all, it's all the same food!

In order to find out for sure, we had to come up with a test! She was really excited about the idea of eating different colored foods. As we brainstormed, the excitement grew as we talked about the various ways we could test her question on different people. Her excitement reached epic proportions when she realized that she could make me eat all sorts of oddly colored things.