Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gearing Up For A Grand Adventure!

Earlier this year, Kat and I decided to learn about the geology of Arizona. We would visit various sites of geological interest and culminate our lesson with a trip to the Grand Canyon! This trip came to us a lot sooner than we had expected however, when a friend presented us with a golden opportunity. Her uncle is an astronomer who was going to be attending the annual Grand Canyon star party. She was going camping with him for the weekend and invited us to join them!

In the week leading up to our fantastic camping trip, I wanted to learn a bit more about our destination. Since this was going to be Kat's first camping trip, I also wanted to instill some survival skills and wildlife observing habits. So, we had a week filled with Grand Canyon activities and lessons, as well as some survival games to prepare us for our camping adventure!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Birds Of A Feather

Ever since she was old enough to chase them, Kat has loved birds. Her fondness for them began when she was a toddler, running on unsteady legs toward a flock of pigeons in a grassy courtyard. She would break into a fit of giggles as they took off in startled flight all around her. We spent a lot of time outside, looking for birds nests and egg shells. When we caught side of the birds rummaging around in the courtyard, we were charmed as they looked for food and territory within the hierarchy of their little bird societies.

Three years ago, we settled down and bought a home in an urban farm community. As we explored our new surroundings we were delighted to find so many different kinds of wildlife around us. When we went to investigate the vacant lots in our area, we were excited to find that they weren't vacant at all! Killdeer had set up their nesting grounds in these relatively undisturbed areas. When we stumbled upon a nest on the ground, we knew that we would have a wonderful opportunity to observe these birds through their nesting season.