Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Science and Chemical Reactions!

We're ready to rock and roll. Let's play!

I got new lab equipment! To celebrate, my daughter and I decided to have a chemistry week for our "Super Awesome Summer Camp of Science". My daughter and niece would make slime, lava lamps, casein plastic, and diet coke geysers! We would celebrate the fun of chemistry while cooking up some chemical reactions! Before we could get concocting however, we needed to go over some basics. We started with the atom.

We often say that cells are the building blocks of life. Well, atoms are the building blocks of cells. In fact, atoms are the building blocks of everything! Think of Legos (or any type of building block). You know how you can piece lots of individual Legos together to make something bigger? Atoms are the same way! Different atoms connect together to make things called molecules. These molecules can be simple or complex, and they connect together to make even bigger things! Atoms and molecules combine to make grains of sand, metal, bacteria, trees, pets, and even you and me! Atoms and molecules make up everything in the universe. Indeed, atoms themselves are forged in the process of nuclear fusion in the stars. Since these atoms make everything, including us, you can say that we too, are made from stuff that comes from stars!