Friday, November 22, 2013

Winners of the Exploralab Giveaway!

Earlier this week, we shared what we thought about The Exploratorium's newest book, Exploralab. We absolutely loved this book and how it encouraged the exploration of science as it actually occurs in our daily lives! Kids are invited to explore their yards, the sky, the closets, and their homes and schools as they find cool things to try everywhere!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Review: Explore the World with Exploralab!

The Giveaway is now closed! Thank you so much for entering and sharing your wonderful stories about exploring the world with your kids! Find the winners here!

In our house, we have a really great collection of science books, with everything from the Eyewitness books, to various encyclopedias and field guides. The Exploratorium of San Francisco just sent us a copy of their newest book Exploralab to add to our collection and it is fantastic! Not only is it fun to read, but my daughter has adopted it as her own personal science activity book! Whenever she sees it, she flips through the pages and runs off to try some new activity or science experiment.

Image courtesy of Weldon Owen Publishing
Exploralab takes you through your day, beginning with the moment you open your eyes. You see light coming through your windows, where is it coming from? You hear birds chirping in the early morning, what are they and why are they singing? Can you hear your alarm clock beeping to wake you up? Instead of hitting snooze, why don't you take it apart and see what it's made of?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Science of Fall!

It's Fall here in Arizona!
Photo taken at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum
Printed with permission: Kimberly Hosey of Arizona Writer

As the days start to cool down here in the desert, we celebrate the beginning of Fall by taking daily walks around the neighborhood. We look forward to watching the beautiful colors sweep through the trees and we collect bits of nature to make our Fall collages. This year, we wanted to try something new. We wanted to learn more about Fall and how it happens. Why do the leaves change color? What makes Fall so brilliant and beautiful?

It all starts with Chlorophyll! Chlorophyll is the stuff that helps plants make food and makes leaves green. It absorbs energy from sunlight and Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and uses it to make carbohydrates (like sugar!) to feed the plants. The leaves then release waste energy in the form of Oxygen. We know this process as photosynthesis! (There's even a catchy song about it, by They Might Be Giants!)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Learning With Science, Fun, and Steve Spangler!


Are you looking for ways to inspire curiosity, excitement, and bring out the FUN in learning? Do you want to introduce new experiments and demonstrations to illustrate standard science concepts? Are you looking to have fun with your kids as you explore the sciences of the world, while discovering how it all works? If you want to inspire active learning, while giving your kids a chance to take charge of their own discoveries, then I have something to share with you!