Saturday, July 26, 2014

TV for kids: Science, Engineering, and Technology, with Annedroids!

What if your kids had a full yard of parts, tools, and laboratory space at their disposal? What it anything they could dream of would be right at their fingertips, if they could just find a way to engineer them into reality? Sinking Ship Entertainment's new TV show Annedroids has a new take on the 3 musketeer group of friendships, and these kids have just that!

Image Credit: Scientific American

Annedroids focuses around a little girl (Anne), who is an engineer, hacker, tinkerer, and scientist extraordinaire! She has built a fantastic laboratory in her yard, and she also has an engineering bay, safe lab zone, and several experiment areas, and they're all monitored and guarded by the robots and androids she has built! Think Bill Nye The Science Guy's lab space, but built and operated by kids!

Anne initially keeps her lab and android projects a secret, but when neighborhood kids Nick and Shania stumble upon it, a friendship and partnership quickly develops! These kids use critical thinking, analysis, and the scientific method to solve problems with their robots, and come up with extraordinary solutions to ordinary childhood problems!

This show focuses on friendship, growing up, and teamwork. In this way, it's very similar to many of the other kid and "tween" programming available for kids to watch. However, instead of shopping malls, coffee shops, and movie sets as the backdrop for their experiences, these kids are growing up in a fully decked out, seriously awesome lab space! They're kicking down stereotypes, and breaking into new ground with science and engineering!

Check out her self made safety gear!
I for one, am very happy that my daughter has a show to watch where she can be inspired by good role models as these friends work, learn, and explore, together! We've watched 3 episodes in a row so far, and I do believe it's safe to say that this is definitely our favorite show online!

Annedroids is available on Amazon TV, and is free for prime  members! So clear your lab space, grab a snack, and get ready to be inspired by some awesome kid innovation!


(Note: This post is not affiliated in any way with Sinking Ship or Amazon. We heard about this show and checked it out for ourselves. After spending an afternoon watching several episodes in a row, we just HAD to share it with you! It's one of the coolest shows we've seen for kids!)

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