Saturday, July 26, 2014

TV for kids: Science, Engineering, and Technology, with Annedroids!

What if your kids had a full yard of parts, tools, and laboratory space at their disposal? What it anything they could dream of would be right at their fingertips, if they could just find a way to engineer them into reality? Sinking Ship Entertainment's new TV show Annedroids has a new take on the 3 musketeer group of friendships, and these kids have just that!

Image Credit: Scientific American

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sweet Science: Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab!

Science at the park! A DNA Extraction lab on a crisp fall day.
Photo Credit: Alex Gregory, ASU Photojournalism student

One of our favorite biology labs to do is the DNA Extraction Lab. We've been doing this activity since my daughter was 4 years old, and it is a fantastic and fun way to get a closer look at the tiny world inside of us!

DNA exists inside of every single cell in our bodies, as well as every living cellular organism (that we know of) on Earth. You can think of DNA as the "code" that lets our cells know what job they have, and what category of tissues they belong to. Some cells are coded to be a part of our eyes, while others are coded to be a part of our muscle tissue. Every cell is encoded with DNA, even red blood cells, bacteria cells, and skin cells! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dancing in Rainbows: Blasting Off In Light and Space!

Lately we've been spending a lot of time learning about the planets in our solar system, and thinking about the universe at large. New star systems are being discovered all the time, and it seems like every few months, we're hearing about another new Earth-like planet! We have some ideas as to what the atmospheres may be like on these planets, and we know a lot about what makes up the planets and moons in our own solar system. The big question we had was, if we haven't been to these planets and other terrestrial bodies, how on Earth do we know what they're made of?

How do we know what's out there?
Image Credit: CC Wikipedia