Monday, February 15, 2016

Kitchen Science with Cookie Continents!

We're always looking for ways to add some fun into our learning. So, when we were making gingerbread cookies over the holidays, I thought, why not incorporate some geography into our cookie baking, and a little bit of climate science while we're at it? Thus, the idea of cookie continents in milk oceans was born! Katie would map out the continents on our cookie dough and cut it out, and then she would put them in their proper place in the world! We would also map where some of her favorite countries are located on our gingerbread continents! We could talk about how the continents look like a puzzle, and bring in plate tectonics and shifting continental plates! We would include some ocean currents and polar ice caps while we're at it, and look at how, with the melting of Earth's polar ice caps, we could see an impact of erosion from rising seas!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Color Changing Chemistry With Acids and Bases!

Today, we're going to be taking a look at some fantastic color changing chemistry, using acids and bases! We featured this experiment in the studios of Channel 12 on Arizona Midday, click here to watch it all in action!

Acids and bases are all around us, all the time. We can find acids in our DNA (in amino acids!), hydrochloric acid (in our stomach!), or, more commonly, in household items like vinegar and fruit. We can also find bases in baking ingredients (baking soda and powder!), household cleaners, and soap! Here is a list of common acids and bases, as well as what they're used for!

While acids and bases have many uses in the world, it may not always be evident that they're there. For example, you could pull just about any liquid out of your kitchen cabinet, but would you know if it was and acid or a base, simply by looking at it?