Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Makeup Under the Microscope! Taking a Closer Look at Lipstick

I just bought a new microscope, and like anyone with a new instrument of science, I couldn't wait to take it for a test run! After examining hair, puddles, and red blood cells, I was left wondering what else I could look at. My daughter had a brilliant suggestion - why not look at some of my makeup under the microscope? I could combine two of my favorite things - makeup and science, and check out what my new microscope could do!

Soon, I was smearing lipstick on slides and what I found was astonishing! There was a brilliant display of all kinds of colors and crystals within the lipsticks! Below, you'll find images of the various shades I looked at. If you're curious about what you're seeing and why it's there, you can find a complete breakdown of the chemistry of makeup production, and the physics of light refraction and reflection! But first, check out these gorgeous lipstick samples under the microscope!